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Protect your most important asset: 
The ability to earn an income

What is your most valuable asset? 

Your house? Your car? Your bank account?  

Actually, it’s none of these. Your most valuable asset is your income potential.

It makes owning your home and valuables possible. Your income also determines your standard of living and provides for long-term financial goals. Unfortunately, everything is at risk if you cannot work due to a disabling injury or illness. That is the reason why it’s prudent and essential for you to consider purchasing quality disability insurance.

Could a disability happen to you? 

Some of us, who have never been disabled, deny that it is a future possibility.

But, if you did suffer a neck or back injury, stroke, heart problem, cancer or other physical injury, what would happen with your work? How would you bring in income?

How would a disability impact your life?

The impact of a disability isn’t just physical. The consequences can have a profound emotional and financial effect on you, your loved ones and your future. If you cannot work due to a disability, you may not be able to pay your bills and fund for your retirement years.

Important things to consider

Total Disability Definition - How is it defined and does it insure you in the specialty of your own occupation? Does the policy pay out partial benefits when you are partially disabled?

Cost of Living Increases - Does the policy keep up with inflation?

Premium Increases - Does the policy guarantee a level premium or can premiums be increased? Can the policy be cancelled by the insurance company?








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