Protect yourself, your significant other or your parents

for extended care in skilled nursing facilities or home care.

The need for long term care may happen to anyone… at any time. It could be you, your spouse or partner, a parent or even a sibling. The need for long term care may result from being chronically ill, from a severe cognitive impairment or something as unexpected as an accident or injury.

What is Long Term Care?

Long term care is a variety of services and supports to help meet personal care needs over an extended period of time. Long term care commonly involves help performing every- day Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) which are: bathing, dressing, using the toilet, transferring (to or from a bed or chair), caring for incontinence, and eating.


Long term care services may help you maximize your independence and functioning at a time when you are unable to be fully independent.

Here are some important questions:

-Who will take care of me?

-Will I be able to stay at home?

-How will I pay for care? 

How much does care cost? 

In California, the average cost of a health aide is $20/hour.  The average daily cost of a private nursing home room is $301/day or $109,865/year.

How do you pay for it? 

You may begin paying for long term care services on your own, but savings could dwindle. You can sell off assets, but this may be financially disastrous to a spouse or family. Long Term Care Insurance policies and special life insurance policies with long term care insurance riders help to efficiently pay for home care and facility care.








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